Virgola sits on Greenwich avenue, right off of ninth street that tonight is covered in fresh snow. We’ve both had our fill of pasta through the winter and wanted something light and fresh, even cold. Virgola’s interior is irreparably narrow and reminds me of a transformed carriage house. Despite its black brick walls, underscored with handmade Continue Reading
MFP Meats FudeHouse
All this time, all this time I’ve been around. Lying around, walking around, sitting around, breathing (whatever air I could) around, and eating the best food. Restaurants considered monuments to the good friends of gastronomy. Food done right, done well, well-done. Eating through town. Eating town, town-eating? Wait.  I don’t live in a ‘town.’ I Continue Reading
MrFoodPorn Commands Free Pie!
Free pie, why? I was in Fort Greene last night at an undisclosed restaurant, and the food wasn’t very good. I hadn’t planned on putting much through the tubes, but no one likes a bad meal at top-dollar, am I right? The woman I was with wanted a few vegetarian plates, and I didn’t mind having something Continue Reading
Federal Court of Appeals Upholds CA’s Ban on Foie Gras
California will continue to be without its precious Foie Gras for the near future. The NY Times reports that the judges were unanimous in their decision to agree with “a district judge’s refusal to block the law,” rejecting arguments from Canada’s Association des Eleveurs de Canards et d’Oies du Quebec (a duck farming association), Los Angeles’Hot’s Restaurant Group, Continue Reading
Hometown BBQ First Look
Billy Durney, who spent most of his career as a bodyguard to the rich and famous, has always been passionate about good BBQ. Once he decided to switch gears and turn his passion into a business, he traveled the country and studied under BBQ heavy-hitters like Mike “The Legend” Mills of the famous 17th St Continue Reading
A Big Belly for Pastry in Paris
Making declarations about pastry is one thing,  and quite another to lay gluttonous American hands on old culinary European tradition. Perhaps you’ve toppled precious baking-mores in the name of Martha Stewart, just as some lucky obese westerner will one day bring down the Eiffel-Tower in a cloud of hotdogs. We’re not French. We are those Continue Reading
NYTimes Review of Daniel
Knocked down from 4 stars to 3, check out the full review here:   http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/24/dining/reviews/restaurant-review-daniel-on-the-upper-east-side.html?_r=0