About Us

Ah, food…eating! Just the word is to be filled with joy! I can assure you that here at MrFoodPorn we believe in enjoying food for its own sake. Forget “sustenance” or “eating to live”.

F*ck off, Dr Oz. We live on pleasure. We’re sensualists, wine lovers, and hopeless sons of Bacchus and his fat friends. We’re devourers of all things fleshy, bready, and over indulgent; eaters to the first degree, scaling the highest meringue-mountains of wanton culinary delight!

Perhaps you save your money to buy a new flatscreen, or maybe one day, a house. We applaud your maturity. Unfortunately for us, we’re gambling it all away—selling it off for a chance to live, roast duck to rib-eye steak, foie to souffle’ to tagine, merlot to pastis, poutine to poutine!  

We happily trade financial security for another refill, another bowl of buttered gruel, and one last Campari and soda–on the house, if we’re lucky! Who are we? We’re yours. Truly. 





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